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Time when I am online (GMT + 3): 7/08 = 10 am - 5 pm; 8/08 = 10 am - 2 pm; 9/08 = 10 am - 5 pm; 10/08 = 9 am - 2 pm; 11/08 = 10 am - 2 pm; 12/08 = 10 am - 5 pm; 13/08 = 10 am - 5 pm; 14/08 = 10 am - 5 pm;
Who are you today?❤
( Words are not needed. Just act silently. Woman looks at actions )
Men offended by life or other women, I feel sorry for you...(and funny and sad)
Oh, darling, my soul You know it aches for yours And you've been filling this hole Since you were born
BEST ADVICE FOR ALL THOSE CONNOISSEURS IN NEED FOR A JERK-OFF, FAST OR SLOW.. OR WHO JUST NEED TO ASSERT THEIR FLAWLESS-CONTROLLING MASCULINITY & BOUNDLESS SEXUALITY !...GO CHECK TOP 100 MODELS, YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE REWARDED AND MAY ALSO GET THE CHANCE TO STIR-UP THE COMPETITION THERE ... BEST MOVE YOU WILL EVER MADE AND ALSO NO NEED TO LOOK BACK EVER...NOW BEAT IT, OK? JUST BEAT IT! ---------------------------------------------- Otherwise, this thread is open for those who just want to say hello, share an interesting or even random fact from their lives. A nice song, flowers and also sharing few extra tokens (or more) are also return you will see a genuine mesmerizing smile, eyes that will send shivers through your heart (those in need don't forget to take your medicine first!) from a caring soul that will warm your day and spirit !
I'm crazy if a man behaves like a gentleman...
My rules❤
About me
Welcome to my big and wide soul, don't hurt me. If you are looking for something unusual and extraordinarily beautiful, then you need to stay alone with me. Look into my eyes and you won't want to leave me. I think we will find something to do in private.
I love Hello Kitty❤
I have even more a collection, it is about 5 % of all
Your support is very important and I need it, so I will be grateful if you subscribe to my fan club. Thank you for joining my team for this you will get access to my special photo albums❤
Won't forget you
In this world with a black soul they are already born ...
"People are more attracted to those who are as attractive as they are."

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Look into the camera10
Air Kiss12
Show tongue 5 sec15
Flash feet 5 sec15
Suck my finger19
Middle finger19
Pm privat message20
Stand up20
Show belly21
Ponytail my hair25
Slap the ass 3 times30
Choosing a song49
Put on stockings100
You like me 100
Make me happy199
You love me200
Thinking of you 24\7247
Control Lovense on link 5 min499
Give me a day off6360